Solar Update

August 11, 2009

Today we got our solar power report from Bauer Power.  The wind power report hasn’t been done yet but will be, but the solar report was a lot of fun to get.

source: http://bauerpower.com/page.php?page_id=49

The proposal suggests 18 39” x 58” panels on the garage roof – that would nearly cover the roof which is about 12’ x 30’ – and it would look so cool!

Based on our electrical usage over the past year, if we had had these solar panels we would have been able to generate 72% of our electricity – – and in April we would have actually made excess energy. 

I should mention that we are pretty energy efficient.  We are on a plan with our utility where we receive information each month about how our energy consumption compares to other homes our size in the area and we are always way lower.  The Bauer Power representative looked at our usage and asked if we have an Energy Star refrigerator, which we do; she said the refrigerator plays a big role in electricity usage. [So, if you don’t have an energy star fridge it might be worth the investment in energy savings.]

I’m looking forward to the wind power report.  I wonder how close to 100% of our electricity we could cover with a hybrid solar/wind system.  It may not be something we can swing financially at the moment (that garage rehab and roofing a large shed took a hunk of our liquidity).  But it is something that I hope we can do soon.  And who knows, maybe I’ll win the lottery.

My friend chuckled when I told her we might be purchasing a solar system.  She said she imagined my daughter sliding on Saturn’s rings. 

A galaxy is totally out of the question, but a solar system is a distinct possibility.


One comment

  1. really cool wendy! can’t wait for the other report! will keep my fingers crossed that you win the lottery! herbal hugs 🙂

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