Brazil’s New Green Ad Campaign

August 6, 2009

Have you heard about the Brazilian ad campaign to save water by peeing in the shower (click on the words “ad campaign” in the last sentence to see the video.  According to the ad campaign if each household avoids one flush per day they will save 1157 gallons (4380 liters) of water per year.  I did the math, that’s about 3.16 gallons per flush – that sounds about right.  According to Earth Easy, older toilets use 5 gallons per flush, newer ones about 1.6 gallons.  There are fancier, dual flush toilets that can use as little as .5 gallons per day.  Something to think about with the next bathroom remodel I suppose.

So, back to the campaign.  I’m staying neutral on this issue – – but it is fun to read the comments on the various sites that talk about it.  Here are a few sites that discuss it: Discover, Mother Nature News, The Huffington Post, and Tree Hugger – just a drop in the – um, we’ll stick with bucket of the 20,900 sites Google lists that talk about the ad campaign.  For those who read Portuguese – here’s the website for the campaign (click the blue words).

And it is amazing what you can find on the web – check out this video (don’t worry – it’s just a song).


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