Renewable Energy System for the Home: So far so good

August 4, 2009

Jody, the Bauer Power representative came out this morning at the end of a rainstorm.  Raining lightly, no sun, no wind – just the time to talk about solar and wind power.  If only there were a way to harness rain power…

Anyway, we talked about the whys and the whats.  Our garage with a wide slanting roof facing due South is just right for solar panels as I thought – – I need to remember to thank the previous owners for building it that way.  Jody wasn’t so sure about wind; from her view of our property as she drove in it looked like a fairly heavily wooded lot.  Then she saw the open field behind the barn and suddenly a wind turbine looked a lot more possible.

The report/design/contract should come to us by the early part of next week.  Meanwhile, I have e-mailed the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s Bureau of Energy and Recycling to learn about any state incentives for alternative energy systems.  I’m not optimistic – lack of funding closed the solar rebate program last year.  We’ll see what I can find out.




One comment

  1. That’s so exciting – and how convenient that your garage roof is cooperating!

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