Renewable Energy System for the Home: The Excitement Builds

August 3, 2009

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we were going to actually look into wind and solar power for the house.  I checked out our regional options.  We have started with (and will likely stay with) Bauer Power.  I like that they can do both wind and solar and that they are approved by Green America (was Co-op America). 

bauer power logo

I contacted Bauer Power, watched their DVD, and arranged for a site design consultation.   The three possible components are solar thermal for heating the water, solar photovoltaic (electricity), and wind power (electricity).  We’re not sure we have a good set up for solar thermal, but I’m optimistic about the other two.

Today is breezy and partly sunny.  If we had solar panels and a wind turbine we could be making a good hunk, if not all, of our electricity today.  That would be so cool!

I can hardly wait until 11:00 tomorrow when they come (actually when she comes – I can’t recall her name, but she called to confirm the time).  It will be real interesting to hear what they have to say about our site; and I have some questions about the federal tax credit program (is it really as good as I read?).  Stay tuned – tomorrow I’ll give you the low-down!


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