Why I missed a day

July 26, 2009

It happened.  I missed a day on the blog (while trying to post everyday for a month).  My excuse is I didn’t feel well – so I spent much of the day reading The Thirteenth Tale, by Diane Setterfield (a dark, Jane Eyre type book) – the next book for my book club.

I feel fine today, so my symptoms yesterday (my stomach felt icky) was most likely caused by a food allergy, and the most likely culprit there is my allergy to eggs.

I try pretty hard to avoid eating egg, although I can usually get by with a bit here and there.  But I think much depends upon how it is processed.  I can tolerate egg baked into foods better than eggs that are fried into foods (like donuts or the breading on fried foods).  The other day, I think the egg source was “guacamole” dip (and yes, the quotes are on purpose).

I had bought an avocado the other day but when my husband went to make guacamole it was rotten.  He tried to buy one when he went to the store, but they were all bad, so he picked up a container of guacamole for me.  Unfortunately he isn’t an avid label reader as I am (comes with the allergy thing).  The dip wasn’t actually guacamole but was “guacamole flavored” – this begged the question – did it even contain avocado.  Other than food coloring, the ingredients weren’t too bad – skim milk, vinegar, spices (it tasted a lot like French onion dip).  It contained “less than 2%” avocado (so little they needed to color the dip green) and less than 2% whole eggs.

I was optimistic that less than 2% of 2 tablespoonfuls would have no affect.  I guess I was wrong.

So – how is this green related?  Well – avoiding my food allergens (eggs, rice, seafood, and coffee) is easy when we avoid pre-processed foods. My husband enjoys cooking and I eat well.  When we stick with local foods that are in season and “eat like our grandmothers did” (I think Michael Pollan can be credited with that notion) there are no problems.  You don’t want eggs – don’t put them in your food.  Can’t tolerate seafood – well, not a real issue in Central Illinois.  But when our modern world hankerings get the better of us and we think guacamole would be tasty that’s when we’re more likely to hit some bumps.

When foods aren’t local they need to be shipped in.  When they need to be shipped they need to be picked before their peak – so you end up with foods that don’t taste their best. Add to that the carbon footprint of an avocado that travels from California to Illinois (and then never gets eaten because it rots either in transit or at the store) and you have another reason to eat local.

I suppose every so often I need this little reminder to eat local, minimally processed foods – 24 hours of feeling under the weather should keep me on track for a little while.




  1. I wouldn’t expect eggs to be in guacamole – but I do love it stuffed into a hard boiled egg! My daughter is allergic to tree nuts. Very hard to find nut-free granola so I have to make it myself – like grandma did 🙂

  2. Have you ever looked at “Clean Eating” magazine? Has some great recipes and is generally a proponent of the concept of “real” food as opposed to convenience foods in recipes. I really love it. Some of the recipes are definitely more in-depth than I can handle during the school year. Others are specifically quick turnaround, which work well in our life.
    Hope you’re feeling better!
    – Paula J.

    • Thanks (for the sentiments and the tip) – I think I’ll pick up a copy for the family cook (dh) for his b’day.


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