Back to School: Eco-friendly clothes for girls

July 23, 2009

If you have a baby or a toddler – no problem – there are lots of cute items and many sales.  After that, the pickin’s are slim.  Add to the mix a tween girl with a distinct sense of her own particular style and a frugal mother who isn’t going to spend top dollar for clothes that will be stained by the end of the first wearing, and there is truly nothing eco-friendly for the child to wear. 

Oh sure, there are eco-friendly items out there – $40 skorts and $90 sweaters.  They aren’t in the budget. 

What will I do?  I’ll go to my usual shops.  The few things they may have that are eco-friendly and meet the discerning standards of the would-be wearer I will bite the bullet and purchase at the retail price – – but generally I will buy off the sale’s rack, and ideally the clearance rack.    My reasoning is that a retailer does not want to lose money on a purchase.  If they make money on the eco-friendly items and make less or none on the less-green items then eventually they’ll stock more green. 

How will you green your back-to-school shopping?


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