Happy Bee News

July 19, 2009

I went down to look at the hives this morning and was not encouraged – there was very little activity at each hive.  It was about 10 a.m. – that’s actually pretty early for bees – but I was still worried.

Around 2:00 orienting flightsmy son and I went down to open the hives and see what we could see.  This time there was considerably more activity, and most importantly there were a goodly number of bees doing orienting flights in  front of one of the hives.  Those are flights by new foragers – they fly around in front of the hive memorizing what it looks like (or so we think).  The important thing to me is that it is a sign of new bees!

Feeding my optimism were a couple of other findings.  We saw some capped brood – not much, but some, and we saw eggs – – and best of all, in each hive we saw the queen!

Assuming I didn’t inadvertently kill or damage the queen in either hive, each hive should now be back on track for bee and honey making.  And I am sighing a big sigh of relief.

cat on a hive

cat on a warm tin roof



  1. This is a lovely site. I’m looking forward to reading about your ongoing green journey. I’ve often thought about a bee hive, but have never been game enough to give it a go. My father has one, and has often supplied us with home grown honey. Yum.

    • Thanks so much – – visit often and feel free to comment as the spirit moves you.

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