Need vs. Want

July 18, 2009

My 13 year old son was born more mature than his mother. Last week I was shopping and called him from the store, “Do you wantclip_image002[1] me to pick up a bathing suit – is green ok?” “No, why do you want to buy one?”  “Because it will fit you better than last year’s and they’re 50% off.” “No, last year’s fits fine and I don’t need it.”

Yesterday he and I were at a home improvement store buying a board when I saw solar yard lights for less than $3 each.  I figured I could buy a 1/2 dozen and they’d look great in our yard without breaking the bank.  My 13 year old’s voice of reason kept saying “Just because they’re green doesn’t mean you have to have them. We don’t need them.”

I suggested that it was a shame to waste all that solar power and we should harness some of it.  For a second I almost believed myself – yes, that’s right, we should harness all the solar power we can and not just let it beam down on us unproductively.  My son just shook his head “We don’t need them.”

Wow, need as a reason to buy – what a concept.



  1. I have 19 year old daughter who comes to me whenever she ‘needs’ to buy something, yet somehow generally manages to get what she ‘wants’ without my help.


  2. I “need” to take him shopping with me. Impressive for a 13yo! I’m afraid mine wouldn’t be so helpful.

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