A daily blog post for a month

July 13, 2009

I joined NaBloPoMo, national blog posting month, in an effort to kick start myself into more regular posting before the school year starts and it will necessarily slow down.  [By the way, every month, is national blog posting month – although in November you can actually win prizes for blogging daily.]

It would be easy for me to turn this into a diary of what I did or was planning to do that day, but that would be cheating because my plans aren’t always green-related.  Instead I am going to stick to the cause and post on green issues that affect my family.

Not every day is a green-issue day.  Mostly we just plod along doing our semi-green best.  On those day I plan to 1001 little waysresort to 1001 little ways to save the planet by Esme Floyd.  I think I’ll pick an item at random and consider it’s feasibility for my family.  Let’s see how it goes.

Today, I open the book and see: 14. Clean up with vinegar.  Ah, a classic.  I have been cleaning with vinegar for years.  It started with windows when I realized I could not stand to be around ammonia.  Then the vinegar use  moved on to counters, and is now pretty much my go-to cleaner for nearly every surface.  In the bathroom it is a necessity because our water is hard and lime deposits are a constant. Vinegar does a good job of dissolving them. 

A Google search yields over 2 million sources of information on this liquid.  You can find information on using vinegar for pickling, cleaning, rinsing your hair, or using it as an herbicide.  Actually that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Vinegar Tips provides 1001 uses.  Who knew a 79 cent bottle of vinegar could be so versatile.



  1. hi. great article!

  2. I just tried it on some weeds!

    • let me know if it works!

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