Baby Green

July 12, 2009

Friends are expecting twins – and today was the baby shower.  I made their main gift over the spring – two baby blankets.  My initial plan had been to buy organic cotton yarn, but do you know how expensive organic cotton yarn is?  Besides – all of the organic yarn, in fact all the 100% cotton yarn I found said to wash the project by hand.  I could not in good conscience make baby blankets for the busy parents of twins and then say – oh, and you need to wash these by hand.  So, I ended up with a cotton/acrylic blend that can be machine washed (but the blankets are supposed to be hung to dry – well, we’ll see how long that lasts – they’ll just be a bit smaller until the next time they hang them wet).

The Mom was going to join me when I went to the Chicago Green Festival, but that didn’t work out.  While there though I did get her an organic cotton burp cloth from Green 3.  It has a blue peace sign and says “peaceful” underneath.  Organic cotton baby items, however, as with the yarn, are pricey – so she’ll only be able to burp one baby at a time.

I still felt I needed something else to add to the mix.  There is a new store in Peoria,IL called Re– for recycle, reuse, repurpose, etc. The store is so new re- that it doesn’t have a website yet.  They had a small baby-relevant area and there were a number of organic bookcotton onsies – but they just weren’t in the budget.  However, I did find a book to fit the bill, Green Babies, Sage Moms by Lynda Fassa.

Gifts were wrapped in tissue paper (o.k., I actually purchased the tissue paper new) and placed in a reused gift bag.  At the shower I was impressed by the number of reused bags – and one person used paper shreddings as bag filler – – very clever. 

My initial plan had been to gather lots of green baby information for the parents.  I did a couple quick Eco-Key and Green America searches and was quickly overwhelmed.  I’d forgotten in the last 9 years what a big business babies are, the green baby business is apparently large too.  Luckily, sort of, the mom-to-be was put on bed rest and has had plenty of time to do her own eco-friendly baby searches.  So far they are going to use cloth diapers and wipes, have already stocked up on a number of organic cotton outfits, and will be using good ol’ glass baby bottles.  I’m so proud of them.



  1. […] I went to a friends to see her house rehab, but more importantly the babies (the recipients of the baby blankets), but more importantly than that, to take the mom out to dinner – her fourth outing sans babies […]

  2. Cloth diapers? with twins? I hope they have a diaper service. Seriously.

    Lynn P WMOMs

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