Road Trip!

June 29, 2009

As I noted earlier, we went on a road trip vacation.  The least green aspect of our trip was the driving.  We rented a vehicle; I had reserved a small SUV but came home with a full size one – a Ford Explorer.  On one hand, we would have been truly packed in with the smaller vehicle; on the other hand, it was bigger than I would have liked and got 10mpg less than I’m used to (not that a small SUV would have done much better – but a little).  Still, it could have been worse.  In one parking lot I came out of the building to see our SUV next to a Cadillac Escalade – the Explorer was much smaller.

I had questioned my decision to rent for the trip.  My Focus has been a good car and traveling East meant we’d rarely be far from a population center.  But last year we had rented (a Chevy Trailblazer, again after requesting a small SUV – I detect a pattern) and within a few days of returning my car wouldn’t start – a situation that would have occurred somewhere in the middle of South Dakota.  This year, soon after returning from vacation the Focus needed a total brake job.  Once more my decision to rent for a big trip was vindicated.

The vacation itself was fantastic.  We spent the first night Lake Erienear Cedar Point, OH.  It was evening and chilly, but we made a point of going to see Lake Erie. My daughter had the nerve to test the waters, but the rest of us mostly got our rock skipping muscles back in shape.skipping stones

The next day we arrived at Fair Haven State Park.  We had rented a cottage sight unseen.  The description was not encouraging but the price was remarkable.  DSCF6386We were so pleasantly surprised!  The cottage was much bigger than described and much nicer than we had expected. 

And in the bathroom, not only did DSCF6474they have a good stash of toilet paper but it was… 







The park itself is lovely.  It is right on Lake Ontario but also includes a large pond.  Both bodies of water are popular for fishing, which we don’t do.  But there is also a large beach and some opportunity for hiking.  We saw our share of wildlife too.  On a hike our first full day we encountered no fewer than 4 large snakes.  More pleasantly we also encountered geese and swans and a great blue heron.DSCF6325 DSCF6398


We had assorted information about the park and the area, of course.  Among the information was a list of the world’s most beautiful sunsets (who knows what the source was) and Fair Haven, NY was listed as number 2.  We poo-pooed that – but then again… these pictures are from three different nights.sunset3 sunset9


Several members of my family were able to come up and spend some time with us too, which made it more special.  family at the beach 

In the next installment, I’ll share some of our sightseeing.



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  2. Looks like a great trip – beautiful photos. I think you made the right decision to rent a car. It can really be a nightmare if something goes wrong with your car when you’re travelling on vacation. We drove our Volvo to Sandusky Ohio (is that where you were? My parents are from there and my grandparents lived on Cedar Point!) and there was no Volvo dealership or foreign car service that could fix it. Plus, on a road trip the mileage you put on the car is such a killer.

    I would love to visit Fair Haven sometime. What a sunset!!

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