I can make my own seltzer!

June 2, 2009

I promised I’d tell you more about what I found at the Green Fest in Chicago last month.  This was one of my favorite finds and it just arrived yesterday.


It’s a seltzermaker.  I am an admitted seltzer addict.  My habit, though, can get expensive.   In town I can’t get seltzer for less than about $1.50/liter.  Out of town at the big grocery store I can get it for reasonable .89 cents for 2 liters – but that’s a 30 mile round trip drive, not to mention the shipping of the seltzer, and the making of the plastic bottles. 

I first saw an allusion to a seltzer maker (same company, different make) on Mom Go Green just a few days before the Green Fest.  I checked out the website and stored the information away for another day.  Lo and behold, there at the Green Fest was the company that makes the seltzer maker, SodaStream

I asked questions, hemmed and hawed, called my husband since it was above our agreed upon independent purchase amount (back when we got married we agreed that we could buy things under x dollars without checking in, but over that much we needed to get the o.k. from the other spouse) and then I ordered it.  Black and silver to go with the other appliances in our kitchen.


It comes with two special BPA-free plastic bottles (the expensive version has cut glass bottles and looks like a penguin), a bottle of CO2 under pressure that makes about 100 liters of seltzer, a 12 pack of soda flavor samples (it is billed as a soda maker also) and a 3 pack of seltzer flavors (lemon-lime, orange, and berry).  I could live without any of the flavors and certainly the soda mixes – but they came with it so we’ll use them eventually.

In terms of my personal cash.  This first 100 liters will each cost me less than the local store but more than the big store.  After that, I figure the seltzer maker is paid for and then it’s just the cost of the CO2 bottles – then it’ll cost something like 22 cents a liter.  But I will also no longer have empty plastic bottles to recycle and that much less seltzer will be shipped to Central Illinois (in theory, once the stores figure out their sales are down because that seltzer addict has found a new source).  That’s worth a little something in the big picture.



  1. […] were milk (local, ethical, but not organic in the winter), water, and seltzer (from my own seltzer maker – definitely a good investment for the seltzer addicted like […]

  2. […] My husband drank water (local – straight from the tap) and I had seltzer – made with my Sodastream seltzer maker – so I guess that makes it local […]

  3. Whoa! Are those your llamas?? They look so peaceful and content!

    Love the seltzer maker too.

  4. Oooh! The girls and I saw one of these the other day and I was very intrigued. Maybe after my furlough days are done and gone… (I’m spreading them throughout the summer).

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