Crazy May

May 26, 2009

flowersMay is such a beautiful month in Central Illinois, and yet I hardly have a chance to enjoy it.  It is such a packed full crazy month.  The school year is coming to an end.  Then there are graduations and graduation parties.  There are dance recitals and piano recitals.  There are the usual meetings and new meetings because some of us get elected to the school board.  And now there is also yard work and gardening which are not onerous but hard to squeeze in.  The worst of May is now over and I can come up for a breather before jumping headlong into summer. 

I would love to spend some time in my yard, but the mower is on the fritz (it’s something in the deck, not the engine) and won’t be repaired for another couple of days.  It has been raining on and off for months now yielding flooding and frustrated farmers and a backyard that looks like a hayfield.  Still, the weather has made our plants very happy. 

first radishes of 09

We’ve enjoyed a month of asparagus and we’re now onto radishes.  

lettuce 09

We have lettuce and spinach now too- – no more buying greens at the store for a while.





flocks and columbine


The flowers are doing well also, they always look great in the spring.

first poppy

The bees are happy.  They are multiplying and I needed to put another box on each hive so they have room to be bees.  I have propped up the top a bit so it isn’t too hot and humid in there.  They need to keep the brood around 92 degrees and they need to dehumidify the nectar to make it into honey.  I’ll be doing a major inspection in the next week or so and hope to have more pictures then.  Meanwhile – here is one of the newly taller hives.  By the end of the season it might be nearly twice this tall or even taller.



One comment

  1. Wow – your garden is way ahead of mine and I thought we were in the same zone! Those radishes are just gorgeous – and the lettuce, too. Is that phlox I see blooming? That should make the bees happy.

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