Chicago Green Festival 2009

May 19, 2009

GF09CH-squareThis was my second year at the Chicago Green Festival 2009.  It’s a 2-day sustainable behaviors convention that showcases businesses, organizations, movements, and products that promote “green living” very broadly defined.

I went to the Green Fest last year with my husband and two kids and it was great but I felt like I couldn’t see it all.  My husband and kids felt they had done the Festival quite fully enough and encouraged me to go alone this year.  So I did – and I still couldn’t see it all.  Too many speakers and panel discussions at the same time, plus those hundreds and hundreds of vendors vieing for my attention.  With only so much time and energy I was torn about how to spend my time. 

I looked through the program and identified talks of interest.   I heard Amy Goodman and Jim Hightower, but there were many more.  

The rest of the time I perused the booths.  I paced myself, did 1/2 one day and 1/2 the next.  That gave me time to go at my own pace, talk to the vendors and bask in all of the healthy greenness that surrounded me.  I learned about lots of interesting projects, products, and businesses.   I’ll talk about some of my niftier finds in other posts.

There will be Green Festivals in Washington DC and San Fransisco still this year.  Seattle and Denver have Green Festivals in March and May, respectively.  They aren’t expensive to attend, and free with memberships in Green America or Global Exchange or if you volunteer to help.



  1. […] May, when I went to the Chicago Green Festival I met Julie who’s company, EarthPresents, makes and sells recycled paper gift wrap.  I told […]

  2. […] Mom was going to join me when I went to the Chicago Green Festival, but that didn’t work out.  While there though I did get her an organic cotton burp cloth […]

  3. lucky you getting to do this excursion on your own and just take your time! i really, really wanted to go to this but we had a graduation in the family with accompanying party on sat. and then a family reunion on my hubbys side of family on sunday. maybe next year! hopefully next year! looking forward to your future posts on your finds. have a great day! 🙂

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