Bees at 3 weeks

May 12, 2009

I haven’t killed them!

Over the weekend I was looking at my newly blooming allium and noticed visitors.

two bees on an allium

two bees on an allium

On Monday I just couldn’t resist and had to take the lids off the hives to see how they were doing.hive with lid

The bricks keep the bees from lifting the lid.  No – the bricks keep the lid from being blown off in a midwestern storm – in theory anyway.  I think if a tornado wants that lid two little bricks aren’t going to save it.


Anyway – I took off the lid and the inner cover and saw bees!  Many many happily buzzing bees.

 about half full

I didn’t pull out any frames to see how the comb building was going (I didn’t have gloves on – although I was wearing a veil) but I think it looks to be about half full of comb.  Both hives looked about the same. In a couple of weeks I’ll put another box of frames on top so they can keep expanding.  But so far so good.



  1. thanks for visiting my blog. gosh, we are practically neighbors geographically. i am about 30 minutes west of peoria. 🙂
    if you haven’t done so you better be getting that second box on! they buid up quicker than you can imagine and you run the risk of them swarming if they run out of room. don’t mean to be a buttinski and hope you don’t mind my two cents worth 🙂 hope to be talking to you more soon! love your blog 🙂

  2. Yay!!! It looks like you have very happy bees. 🙂

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