The fruits of spring

April 29, 2009

It has been a cool and wet spring.  The farmers in our area are still not in the fields and they are getting very nervous.  DH was able to plant spinach and lettuce in our greens garden and we have about seven rows in the big garden planted – edible pea pod peas, radishes/carrots (they share rows), and 3 rows of onions.  I have planted some wildflower and sunflower seeds.  We need to get more peas in, not to mention the wide variety of other seeds (and the plants we have yet to buy), and two friends are going to have small parts of our garden too but it is too wet to work it. 

However, all is not lost. 

Oregon sugar pod peas
Oregon sugar pod peas

The peas are up.

And the radishes.
And the rhubarb.
Oh, and best of all – – the asparagusasparagus

So far we have had roasted asparagus (great with blue cheese) and asparagus pizza (with mushrooms and feta) and tonight it will be cream of asparagus soup.

I was able to use some rhubarb too already.  On NPR on Saturday I’d heard the description of a recipe called Strawberry-Rhubarb Fools.  Stewed rhubarb, coarsely pureed strawberries mixed together, alternately layered with a whipped cream and vanilla yogurt combo.  Oh my, was it ever good.  Such a pity my children won’t touch rhubarb.

And before I go – a bee update.  Both hives seem to be equally active.  Here’s a shot of bees leaving and entering one of the hives.  Because the hive isn’t built up yet they only have that one tiny entrance to defend.  When more bees are born we’ll remove that piece of wood called a mouse excluder.  Anyway, see the bee flying in from the right.  The yellow stuff on his legs is pollen in his pollensacs. 


Happy Spring!


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