Bee Update – so far so good

April 24, 2009

It has been a few days and I’ve done nothing but check on their food supply – – but it is sooo tempting to open the hive (despite the chance of being stung – how would you like your roof taken off and some of your interior walls removed by some giant?).


Here we are – son (in back), daughter (in front) and myself getting ready to take a lid off and see how the food supply is holding up.





And here are bees eating.  This is the inside of that top box.  The bees are behind plastic that covers a gap the bees come up and then provides a crawling space where they can crawl down to the sugar water at the bottom.  In theory this will help keep them from drowning, but on the right, that dark line, is a line of bees that I suspect are dead.

The rusty brown is a fake pollen patty – I put it under the plastic. 

Tomorrow, I fire up the smoker and open at least one hive.  DH will be my able assistant.  Wish me luck and no stings.


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