My Spring Break Part II: Road Trip

April 13, 2009

I got back from my weekend with my best friend from high school and 16 hours later left again.  This time I with my two kids (S is 13, D is 9).  We went to St. Louis – about a 2.5 hour drive – for a 3 day vacation.  This is the first trip I’d ever taken with the kids but without their father – he had to work.  Despite that we had a great time.  I suspect DH had a pretty nice time home alone too.

Tourist activities were the Arch, The Gateway Arch


A City Museum crawling tunnel

A City Museum crawling tunnel

the City Museum, which is more fun place to play than museum with exhibits,
 and the Zoo.    
St. Louis Zoo
St. Louis Zoo

We also had dinner with two women friends and their children.  I had never met the women before – in person – but I’ve known them via the Internet for over 8 years.   We filled in a few gaps we hadn’t gleaned from our Internet conversations and chatted like we’d just seen each other the day before.  Next thing you know two hours had passed.

After we got home I suggested that our trip had not been very green.  The kids pointed out, however, that we walked to breakfast both mornings and to dinner one evening.  The St. Louis Zoo is known for it’s conservation efforts for animals and their habitats, but they also make a practice of conserving resources on site.  Other than utensils and reuseable plastic cups with attached straws, I saw no plastic.  It was refreshing.

How could we have done the trip more eco-consciously?  I found a comparison of air, train, bus, and car travel on Planet Green.  Ideally, we would drive a Prius or other comparably high gas mileage vehicle, barring that, the bus would probably emit the fewest emissions (but can you hear me say, “ewww”).  Then in the city we should take the commuter train for jaunts under 20 miles.   Instead, we drove our Focus wagon (averaging 28 mpg and not the Prius’ 46).  Hey, at least it’s not a Hummer.  And we did walk to dinner.



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