Bee Hive Update

March 31, 2009

We ordered a second bee hive.  It arrived and the nice weather left.  Finally, the stars aligned so that I could paint the hive and get it out of my living room. 

Like painting with Fluff

Like painting with Fluff


Here’s the DuraSoy paint in all of it’s gloppiness.I was able to get all the various and sundry hive parts painted before running off to do parental things.

Hive parts all painted

Hive parts all painted

Here are all the pieces of the second hive plus the first hive waiting patiently.  They painted up quickly and easily.  The DuraSoy didn’t seem any the worse for wear for having sat around for a week or so.  Still, the fun of painting with Fluff-like paint has worn off.  Unfortunately I have any number of things still to paint with it.

Today it was cold and rainy until suddenly the clouds blew away and the sun came out.  Seemed like the perfect chance to set up the hives.

DH and I had been advised to be sure the hives were level.  Also, you want them off the ground so they don’t rot too readily, and so the opening doesn’t get covered with grass and become inaccessible to the bees.  setting-up

It wasn’t hard work, but it took multiple wheelbarrow trips the couple hundred feet from the house where we want the hives. 

We used cinder blocks and boards to get the hives off the ground.  Then there is a bottom board and a screened entrance board.  The screen lets air up into the hive and also lets mites fall off the bees and onto the bottom board where they can’t get back up into the hive.  The two large boxes are the hive bodies where the queen bee will lay eggs and the workers will store honey and pollin to eat.  On top of that is a polystyrene feeder box – at this time of year there is no food for the bees, so you give them sugar water and/or fake pollin until the flowers bloom.  Then there’s an inner lid and the weather-proof cover.  After the bees are established we’ll take off the feeder box and put on a queen excluder (a screen the worker bees can get through but the queen can’t) and two other boxes where the worker bees will store honey.  That’s the honey we would harvest.  That’s the theory anyway; we don’t even have bees yet.

All set for the bees

All set for the bees

Our bees should arrive this weekend or next.  If it is this weekend I’ll miss the excitement because I’ll be out of town and I don’t think the bees want to wait in a shoebox size container until I get home, so I’m hoping for Easter bees.


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  1. It *does* look like fluff. I’ll keep fingers crossed the bees arrive later rather than sooner!

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