Internet Searching the Green Way

March 22, 2009
A new eco-friendly search engine

A new eco-friendly search engine

Yesterday I discovered The Eco-Key.  It is a search engine connected to Google.  You can do a plain google search or you can do a green-filtered search.  For instance, when I search cars on Google I get links for buying cars online, links related to the movie Cars (4 out of 10), links with new car reviews, and a link to Ford Motor company.  When I search using The Eco-Key I get 8 links to green-car related sites, and two dealing with selling or buying cars online.  If you are looking for something eco-related this can be a big time saver.

There is an incentive to use The Eco-Key also.  They donate a percentage of their ad revenue to organizations that remove litter in the world’s most polluted communities, parks, and beaches.  They would like people to make The Eco-Key their homepage so that every time you boot up a little more litter is picked up.  I use Explorer, so The Eco-Key is now one of my homepage tabs – in part because it’s a cause worth supporting and also because it’s a tool I’ll actually use.  My recent searches for eco-friendly paints, siding, and treated lumber might have gone a little faster. Live and learn.


p.s. Simple Savvy wrote a great review on The Eco Key if you’d like more information.



  1. […] plan had been to gather lots of green baby information for the parents.  I did a couple quick Eco-Key and Green America searches and was quickly overwhelmed.  I’d forgotten in the last 9 years […]

  2. Thanks for the link! I also loved the green search tool.

  3. I like your new design! This is great because I saw some recycled carpet at a fair and was wondering where to get some. Wasn’t sure where to go first! I still haven’t found a retail outlet for what I want (it was dark green and plush – most of what they’re offering looks like Berber-style). Have you seen this anywhere?

    Those pictures of the windmills are amazing. Much more attractive than electrical wire.

    • I’ll keep my eye open for recycled carpet. I’ll be going to the Chicago Green Festival in May – so if you haven’t found any by then I may find a source.

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