The White House Garden

March 21, 2009

Michelle Obama has announced that they are putting in an organic food garden at the White House.  It’s going to be a lot bigger than our garden according to the plans, and pretty heavy on the greens.  I don’t see the peppers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, or tomatoes  we grow in ours – but to each her own (but still, no tomatoes?).   Here’s something cool though.  According to Robin Shreeves on the Mother Nature Network there will even be two bee hives! 

Now when Michelle and I get together for lunch, we can talk about our gardens and our bees, give each other tips, maybe even exchange honey.  I knew I liked that woman.



  1. […] 14, 2009 Michelle Obama’s organic garden caught the eye of many of us and not everyone is happy about it. MidAtlantic CropLife Association […]

  2. When you eat with Michelle I better be invited too. Greens are good when weather is still cool maybe that’s what they’re thinking for immediate crops and segway into peppers and tomatoes. But I haven’t seen their plans like you did.

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