painting the beehives – update

March 18, 2009

My paint for the beehives arrived on a perfect day.  The high was in the low 70’s (in mid-March in central Illinois – a true gift), sunny with low humidity.  The paint I bought was DuraSoy One and the selling point for me was:

DuraSoy One contains true sustainability attributes such as renewable resource, recycled content ingredients, and zero VOC’s. Its’ industry leading high solids content (60%+) is over twice as much as competitive brands.

I read the can label, noted you could use a sprayer, brush, or roller; nothing new there.  But then the label went on to explain how to paint with a roller – – I’d never seen that before, but didn’t think much of it.  I found a stir stick and opened the can.

Could this be right?  Was all the liquid at the bottom?  It looked as if I’d opened a can of marshmallow Fluff.  I began to stir it – and broke my stir stick.  I grasped lower and stirred some more with no discernible effect so I called it good and gave it a go.

Well, it isn’t sticky like Fluff, it went on thick and smooth (thus the 60%+ solids).  It really does cover with one coat and there was no detectable odor.  It dried to the touch in 30 minutes which made painting multiple sides much easier.  Cleaned up with soap and water.  Assuming the paint holds up to the elements I am pretty impressed. 

I had to show the paint to Howard and Noel (who are working on the garage), which led to a discussion of the hive and the realization that Noel’s mother had been at the beginning beekeeper’s workshop we had attended.  Small world.  The hive painting barely made a dent in the can so I will have plenty for the 2nd hive we’ve ordered not to mention some trim on the house and the new garage doors.  [Yes, for the first time since we have owned the house the garage can now be secured with doors that have locks!].  Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that I’ve come across a good green paint.


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