Like Mother Like Daughter

March 9, 2009

My 9 year old has started The Green Club. The club has a notebook in which they have written all their green behaviors such as “turn out lights” and “don’t run the water while I brush my teeth” and “bring a bag lunch with no throw-aways.” They mark down everytime they do something green.

There are still a few bugs to work out. For instance, they do not acknowledge any non-green behaviors – – so while they’ll pat themselves on the back for turning off a light there are no repercussions for leaving the lights on.

Another issue is that it is too labor-intensive. It is just too hard for them to write down all their green behaviors and remember to mark them off when they do them.

And the last little problem, there are only two members.

Still, she started The Green Club.  How cool is that?


One comment

  1. Baby steps, baby steps!! Very cute.
    I was encouraged to see that some of the middle and high schools around here have environmental clubs. Don’t know yet what they do.

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