Toilet Paper

March 3, 2009

If anything in this world should be made out of recycled paper it should be toilet paper, but apparently it generally isn’t. 

A year or more ago I scanned all the labels of all the toilet paper I could find in search of the little recycling triangle – but not luck.  Since then my regular shopping venues have expanded their green collection and last week, not even in the natural food/green product section there was a package of 6 rolls recycled paper toilet paper.  I bought it, but I don’t want to admit how much I paid for it – let’s just call it an investment in our future. 

Then today I stumbled on an article on TreeHugger.com on none other than recycled paper toilet paper.  Seems Greenpeace has created a guide regarding toilet paper greenness.  The NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) has a similar list.

The good news is that there is more than one option and one of my past favorites, Soft n Gentle, is not totally evil – it contains a modicum of recycled paper.  But I think I’ll still have to pay way more than I’d prefer to mollify my eco-conscience.  Oh well, I did learn something helpful on TreeHugger.com – – if you put the roll with the paper coming over the top of the roll rather than falling behind it you save an average of 3 sheets per tear.  If I’m going to buy expensive toilet paper it is going to be hung for efficient usage.


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